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The video above relates specifically to the inaugural product launched at INFINii Digital a few months back. It has undergone significant development since launch, as evidenced by the information contained within the recorded webinar being presented here.

Signalforge, was until the month of November 2016, a Binary Options Trading platform with a focus on currency pairs.

As discussed in the recorded session above, the signals produced for the existing system have evolved into the mechanism for trading directly in the currency markets themselves (forex).

Personally, I find this essentially simple addition to the power of Signalforge to be huge.

For example, there is opinion held by some that Binary Options are too risky, indeed tantamount to gambling, and that access to their dissemination be limited or perhaps curtailed.

I could not for a moment consider an examiner resisting access to foreign currency exchange markets (forex)!

If only for this hypothetical reason alone, I see the extension of Signalforge into the realm of forex to be only beneficial to the success and longevity of this trading platform.


Wanting to publish a site on the web implies an assumption.

This assumption being, that from the youngest child to the most profit hungry of businesses online, all sites desire visitors to their sites.
Visitors, the essential lifeforce of the web, commonly referred to a TRAFFIC.

Any site online needs TRAFFIC, and an endless source of TRAFFIC presents itself in the search engines.

Now, I think it can be stated with a degree of confidence that everyone online knows of the search engine GOOGLE. I am going to make that assumption also.

With that in mind, were YOU aware that youtube is fast becoming a first search choice for a vast number of people online. Yup, the video site is beginning to rival its owner in search volume!

No problem for Google, or YOU.

From Google’s point of view, youtubes success is all good because Google owns it.

That also is good for YOU too !

Returning to the video above, it refers to an automated system for poking youtube with live events.

An event is like a billboard for an upcoming live event. It is simply that, a single image, no video, rather a placeholder for an upcoming live video stream. These events rank quickly, and well. No video need ever be streamed to it for this to happen, though you can certainly do so if you choose to.

With the automated software, you are able to find out which of your keywords will rank on page 1 of you tube before you actually post any content!

This at the very least implies page 1 of Google is within easy reach if not already attained. The software will check on Google for you in any case!

So, without me boring you with more prattle, get along to the link and get ALL the details, indeed why not pick up a copy for yourself and see why I use it EVERY day.

Please make sure to contact me directly when you have purchased and I will explain how I am using it to generate 100 to 300 non incentivized clicks per day without ever posting any video!

More to be posted