eCommerce Changed Recently

eCommerce Changed Recently. For many years a community has been developing and practicing the techniques of selling online.

In any commerce venture the essential premise is that a retailer purchases or creates a product for a fixed price, they then promote it in some manner with the intent of selling that product in the future at a profit.

I am, naturally, referring to a model that exists throughout the world of commerce from the local store at the corner through to the mega corporations. There is nothing at all novel about this essential premise and it is an element of commerce that will likely remain a constant.

The increasing prevalence of internet access globally has created huge growth within the world of commerce generally. eCommerce is the term used to define this rapidly expanding area in global commerce.

Rightio, that is the scene set, because that is not the recent change I will be presenting in this brief post.

The INFINii community, from 2013, has been consistently nurturing a network of talented and motivated marketers which, especially when combined with the automation tools available in INFINii, allows the membership to generate impressive sales and profits.

eCommerce Changed Recently

In the ongoing efforts to improve the ‘ecosystem’ for the INFINii membership, the INFINii Marketplace has been created and recently launched. This is a truly ground breaking development which could possibly change the way eCommerce is enacted worldwide. I will let the video below provide the details to support that claim.

eCommerce Changed Recently

This is a December 15th 2016 update webinar and case study from a non US based seller. INFINii Marketplace is very recently released and there is certainly many developments planned and yet to be even guessed at.

By the way, the reason I emphasised the fact that the case study was regarding a non US based trader is to verify the viability of this platform for members worldwide.

In the initial phases of development, effective access to and use of the tools provided have certainly been much easier to implement for US based participants.

The INFINii Marketplace has been created with this limitation highlighted and has, even in these early stages of launch, been significantly reduced.

Please do watch the video in its entirety. if you  are at all interested in creating a sustainable and profitable business online then I believe you will not do better than INFINii 🙂  ..but you can call me biased! 😉