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Please read below for my introduction to this series..

Several years ago I was browsing youtube for something to watch while I relaxed prior to a pending night shift.

One video caught my eye and I was so blessed to find it that day.

Symbols of an Alien Sky opened my mind in such a satisfying way.

Curiousity about the nature of things and processes within the universe we all share, began to coalesce and the connected nature of this world and its place in the cosmos began to appear ever more obvious to me.

Please, do not think that this came in a flash, or thunderbolt, of insight for me. I watched Symbols of an Alien Sky several times before I began to realise what was contained in that documentary piece.

As a child growing with an increasing acceptance of an Einsteinian Universe, I had little reason (and less ability) to question such a universe. Even in the text books of my day within the school curriculum, several basic concepts were offered regarding the state and origin of the universe. Such options now seem, however, to have been supplanted by an almost religious dogma of certainty.

More the pity, was that I failed to follow up on simple concerns I had held at a younger age. One of my most pertinent questions I maintained for much of my early teens, and had โ€˜forgottenโ€™ in my latter, was a simple point of observation.

Within the literature I was absorbing as an enquiring child there were common and repeated references to Saturn as a planet, and by association, a god of wonderful and often terrifying powers.

While imagination may have supplanted the details to some degree, I clearly remember asking myself on several ocassions, โ€œ..ok.. Saturn.. but WHY? .. How could something only identifiable in the night sky by knowledgeable observers hold such sway upon the imaginations and fears of an ancient population?โ€

(this introduction is to be continued.. )


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